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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Men and Women are different

When our daughter was five years old we were living in an apartment with only one bathroom. One day as I was finishing my bath she had to go potty - now!

As I was toweling off she sat on the potty and I could tellthat she was trying to figure out something.

Finally she asked me that fateful question: "Daddy, mommies and daddies are different, aren't they?"

I decided to handle it in a straightforward manner and answered, "Yes Joy, they are." She got a really proud expression and boasted, "I knew that already cause mommies shave their legs and daddies shave their faces".

We didn't get back to that particular subject for several more years!

Thanks to Lonnie Laughlin                   
Thi Ẩm Lâu 

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