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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just follow the Tracks

Just follow the Tracks

3 men are stranded in the middle of the Canadian Forest and they don't
know where they are at. They decide that they have to find some food.
So the first man leaves and tells the other 2 that he is going to get
some food.

Several Hours later, he comes back with a deer over his shoulder. The
other 2 are amazed and ask him how he got a deer with no weopans. He
replies, " I find tracks, i follow tracks, i get deer". They both are
slightly confused but let it go.

1 week later, they have eaten the deer, so they need to get more food.
The second guy leaves and says that he is going to get food. He comes
back a couple hours later with a elk over his shoulder. The other 2
ask how he got the elk. He simply replies, "I find tracks, i follow
tracks, i get Elk".

5 days later, they have eaten the elk, so they need more food. The
third guy, feeling very cocky, thinks to himslef, " This is going to
be a piece of cake. The other guys got the other animals so easy. I'm
going to get an animal better than their's put together!". So he
leaves to get some food. They wait a couple hours... he doesn't come
back. They wait another couple hours, he is still missing.

Finally, after 9 hours of waiting, they see him coming back. His
clothes are torn rags, he is covered in dirt with scrapes and bruises
all over his body. He is bleeding from different gashes in his arms
and legs along with one on the side of head. They ask, " What
happened!". He looks at them, wide-eyed and confused, and replies, " I
find tracks, I follow tracks, i get hit my train".

(Thanks Boyd)

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