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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bar jokes, beer, booze and fun!

A guy stumbles through the front door of a bar, ambles up to the bartender and orders a beer.
The bartender looks at the drunk man and says,"I'm sorry sir, but
I can't serve've already had too much to drink. " The guy swears and walks out of the bar.
Five minutes later the guy comes flying through the side door of the bar, and yells for a beer.
Again the bartender says,"I'm sorry, sir...but I can't serve've already had too much to drink! "
Ten minutes later, the same guy comes barrel-assing through the back door of the bar, storms up to the bartender, and demands a beer.
Again, the bartender says to the man... "I'm really sorry, sir, but you've had too much to're going to have to leave! "
The guy looks quizzically at the bartender and says finally, "My God, man... How many bars do you work at?!!! "

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